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Our Philosophy:

At Dad’s Wild Game and Jerky, we understand how expensive the hunting lifestyle can be. That’s why we pride ourselves on great quality products at competitive prices. We want you to be able to receive what you want from the animal you harvested. If we don’t already have it on the order form, we will make it for you!Dads-building

At Dad’s, we want to change the way people think of jerky, which is one reason we have such a vast array of flavors! We like to think outside the box. If we don’t have the flavor you want, or you have an idea of one you would like to try, let us know and we will make it for you! Who knows – it may make its way to our menu!

An Open Letter From Our Owner:
My name is Roy Rifenburgh, and I would like to give you some insight into how our establishment was born. We created Dad’s Wild Game & Jerky to offer you the best meat cutting and jerky you have ever experienced.

We have been family-owned since my uncle Randy opened Randy’s Deer Processing back in 1983. At the young age of 5, I was already being trained in this art and lifestyle. A short 10 years into the business, Randy received another job offer, and my grandpa Bruce took over the shop, renaming it Dad’s. Grandpa ran the shop with the help of my dad, me and my brother, Ron, until his age limited him in his drive to do the business. By this time, I had been molded into the meat cutter that I was born to be and took on the business. My hands have 5 generations of meat cutting lessons under them beginning with my great-great-grandfather. With everything I have learned from them, and from being a market manager in some well named grocery stores such as Heb and United, I hope that I can excel on a level that will keep you happy and coming back for many years to come.

I am supported by my wife, Sarah, and my two sons Roy III (11) and Hunter (4). Both my sons are learning the trade as well, and hope that they can carry on the family name long after I am gone.